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Help us advance our mission by assisting with year-round foundation initiatives, or lend your talents to help us execute our events.

Whether you’d like to volunteer or just want to connect with us, please fill out this form or email us at

Thanks! Message sent.

FOL's mission does NOT include providing medical advice or researching your questions.  We do not answer medical questions or identify ticks or rashes.  Many questions can be answered by you researching the FOL site and its links to other sites. Please use the search box feature to find information on the website.  We are an all volunteer organization and do our best to respond to your questions and concerns.

DO NOT use the "Contact Us" Forms for Items Below: (We WILL NOT respond due to email volume)

  • To ask any medical questions (we do not provide any medical advice)

  • To ask for Doctor Referrals - use our automated system (Click here)

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