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Focus On Lyme was started to improve diagnostics, treatment, prevention and advocacy for patients suffering from Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases.

Why We Are Here

The typical Lyme patient cannot afford to travel cross country to seek out care from a Lyme specialist. Nor the out-of-pocket costs associated with IV antibiotics and cash pay office visits. Many patients are so ill and tired they cannot advocate for themselves in an insurance system that does not recognize their condition.


Focus On Lyme was created to help all Lyme patients by making effective change within the diagnosis and management of this disease so patients maintain a quality of life.

Many stories of Lyme disease are similar with misdiagnosis and lack of proper treatment options while debilitating symptoms worsen. Many physicians simply do not believe in a Lyme diagnosis and patients are forced to pay out-of-pocket for treatments and medication, not knowing if they are helping or hurting. Even after patients are feeling better, they are unsure if they are healed or in remission.

Focus On Lyme is taking a systematic approach to

Lyme disease and attacking each issue one step at a time.



Our Approach
Why is Focus On Lyme Different?







First Initiative:
Create Accurate
Lyme Diagnostic Tool

Focus On Lyme is working with a scientific team with world renowned success coupled with state of the art technology to create an assay more accurate and specific with the goal of changing Lyme diagnostics. 

Lyme is the number one reported infectious disease to the CDC with over 480,000 reported cases last year. The diagnostic tests that exist today are flawed, meaning the actual number of Lyme cases is much higher. Antibody based-only test is 30-50% accurate. PCR test is only 62% accurate. This is not much better than a coin toss and we can do better.

We are bringing the best and brightest inside and outside of Lyme to solve this issue.


We have the world’s best researchers in the biological sciences working on our diagnostic tool. They manage global outbreaks of disease and find answers in the middle of the outbreaks.


We have a dedicated advisory board and fund raising efforts that will effect every area of Lyme.

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