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LymeSeek - First clinical diagnostic over 90% accurate for early and disseminated Lyme disease.

Unique algorithm paired with multiple biomarkers creates this accurate Lyme disease diagnostic test.

What makes the LymeSeek diagnostic test different?

Our multiple biomarkers plus computer algorithm gives >90% accuracy in all phases of the disease. When other Lyme diagnostics claim >90% accurate, they are comparing exclusively to two tier testing results. When we claim >90% accurate we are basing it on samples that are early with clinical EM rash, PCR and/or punch biopsy results. These would likely test negative with current testing.

Our patented assay will allow timely and accurate diagnosis of Lyme disease during the phase when Lyme disease is most treatable and CURABLE.


We differentiate multiple look-a-like diseases to help eliminate misdiagnosis.

Novel early & accurate diagnostic solution for Lyme disease.
What we offer
Blood-based biomarker for simple blood test
Accessible, inexpensive & available in most all clinical labs
Created by people who care about patient outcomes
Timely & accurate diagnosis saving patients & insurers enormous medical expenses
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