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5 Date Night Ideas for Those With Chronic Illness

When you are chronically ill, sometimes you can get in a routine of feeling bad and thinking that watching Netflix together is the only thing you can do. There are many ways to spend time together and not have to wreck yourself and use up all your "spoons". Below are five date night ideas that are fun, help you to connect and spend time together but will make sure you don’t’ overdo it!

1. Spa Night

There are many different ways to relax at home together and make a spa night. Buy some scented candles, aromatherapy lotion, face masks and some sparkling water with lemons. Turn on some relaxing music and then put your face masks on while soaking your feet in Epsom salts and essential oils. Then give each other massages, and maybe even do a hair mask! Also, let your man know that you won't tell his buddies when he admits how much he loves his softer skin and hair.

2. Takeout dinner and a long drive to a lookout

This is one of my favorites because it gets you out of the house, yet it can require little effort. Have your significant other order takeout and pick it up on the way. Look up beautiful lookout points you can drive to and make sure you get there right before sunset. Then you can sit in your car, enjoy a good Lyme-friendly meal while watching the sunset with your favorite person.

3. Make dinner together and have a mocktail

When you have Lyme, having a healthy, no-sugar diet is very important to healing. If you are feeling well enough, make a healthy dinner together and a mocktail! My favorite is sparkling water with muddled lime and oranges with a splash of stevia.

4. Movie night at home

- Make a casual movie night at home more fun if staying home on your couch is what you need. Pull the couch a little closer, get under the same blanket and eat some Smart Pop Popcorn. Watch a movie you both haven’t seen and try to make it an experience instead of another night on the couch.

5. Board Games

This is always a great option to get away from the TV and really spend some time together. Having a little friendly competition is always fun and try to pick one that you know you will both be super in to.

It is so easy to focus on what you can’t do and go on Instagram and see other couples doing all these fun things that you wish you could be doing. Comparison is the thief of joy and if you take time to get creative, you and your significant other can have some great date nights, even with a chronic illness. Remember, you are NOT Lyme disease, you are an amazing person with great qualities who happens to have Lyme disease. Don’t let the guilt of not being able to do as much as the average person with your partner keep you from still trying to make fun nights for you both.


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