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Feed Your Body to Fight Lyme

by: Kenzie Vath at Holistic Umbrella.

The most important thing to remember when battling an illness is to feed the body what it needs to heal. Our bodies house our minds, hearts and souls, which we must first seek to be grateful for, since a certain amount of self-appreciation is essential. Feeding the body quality nutrients is a positive way to demonstrate that we value ourselves and our health.


Holistic Umbrella is a wellness-based lifestyle company based in Southern California. Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to balance our client’s health and wellness; this as a means of creating joy in their personal, family and friends lives, and so that they can positively impact their community. My personal goal for the upcoming year is to offer a variety of wellness-based events to local communities.

For more information please contact Kenzie Vath at Holistic Umbrella.

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