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How To Create a Schedule And Stick To It

If you're anything like me, you are managing a job, supplements, a healthy diet, detoxing, IVs, family, friends, working out, joint pain.... just a few things! If you just had to focus on your health and family, or just a job and working out, it would feel doable! But all of it? It's not easy and without a schedule it makes juggling Lyme life way more difficult. I am an organizational nerd, I love color coding, sticky notes and reorganizing my closet. Here is how I manage to make the most of life with Lyme.

First, buy a planner! A big one. Begin by writing down the most important and "must-dos" in your schedule and work around that. It helps to even write down what time to take your supplements so you ensure you can check it off your list. Need to get to yoga? Schedule it in and book it. Then when you get asked to do something that night, you are already committed. A big thing too is to write in REST DAYS. These are set in stone once written down. When battling a chronic illness, it is crucial to your healing to set aside time to rest, take a long bath, unwind and relax.

Buy pill organizers. These are such a time-savor for me and truly make my mornings and evenings feel less overwhelming. When they are already in my "Monday AM" box and I can just easily take them instead of opening each bottle, it is mindless and easy!

If you have to take any drops or medications for thing in the morning, set it out the night before. I take some herbal drops first thing and I set out the drops and a glass with water in it the night before so I can stumble out of bed and get it done!

As for doctor appointments and IVs, I think you would be surprised how accommodating work places can be. I worked for multiple companies in the corporate world and they never minded if I left each Wednesday at 3:30pm, as long as I made up my hours that week. I worked hard, got my stuff done and as long as you keep your word they usually are okay with letting you take care of your health. The better you are feeling, the better work you will produce... so it really is a win/win.

The best advice that I will always go back to is to always write everything down and plan out your entire week. Take 30 minutes on Sunday evening, make a cup of tea, write out your week and stick to it!

Here is a great goal setting journal that also helps you to set goals and practice gratitude: The Best Self Journal

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