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The Balanced Blonde: My Journey to a Chronic Lyme Disease Diagnosis

by Jordan Younger

"Being VERY used to random allergy flareups & unusual health concerns, I kept telling myself it would get better with time, but in reality all it did was get worse. I tried everything from cortisone shots to Ayurvedic herbs to elimination diets to a solo healing trip to Bali and so many things in between. By the end of January it was clear to me that the rashes were not caused by some sudden & new allergy, which scared and confused me even more (because then what could it be?!?!), but I bottled in so much of how fearful I really was of what was going on."

About the Author: Jordan Younger is the blogger behind the #realness-based wellness and lifestyle blog, The Balanced Blonde. Even though her life is deeply rooted in the Internet, she strives to spend a lot of time OFF screen teaching yoga, connecting with her readers and listeners at her in-person events, and soaking in time with the ones she loves most.

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Wanda Sue Figueroa
Wanda Sue Figueroa
12 aug. 2022

I was diagnosed in July 2016. I did not have any rash that I know of. I was bit by a tick when I was on vacation in Gettysburg, PA. I became very lethargic and my joints, especially my neck was hurting, some flu-like symptoms. My doctor checked EBV, Mono and Lymes. Lymes was positive. Tried 21-days of Doxy. Felt a little better, but then the bottom dropped out. Retested by PCR and positive. I was on 30-days of IV Rocephin. I felt better, but still had bad days, so I decided to start on a Natural Lyme Formula treatment protocol from Health Herbs Clinic (ww w. healthherbsclinic. com), the treatment effectively treated my Lyme disease condition. The stiffness, fatigue…

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