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Woke Up To A New Lyme Symptom? Don't Write It Off Just Yet...

As world renown Lyme specialist Dr. Richard Horowitz once told me, if you have 16 nails in your foot and you only remove 3 of them… your foot is still going to hurt. This was his way of simply explaining his 16 Point Differential Diagnostic Map that is laid out in his book “Why Can’t I Get Better”.

There can be many factors that can preventing yourself from fully healing. Lyme can disrupt your body in so many ways, but just because you have Lyme doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to treat certain issues it has caused. An example of this is hormones. Hormone levels can be disrupted in a Lyme patient, but just because you are treating the Lyme doesn’t mean that will automatically adjust your levels back to normal. I have had to take certain medications and supplements to treat problems, such as hormones and coinfections, that have now helped me to feel so much better and heal faster. A problem I have continued to see throughout Lyme patients, including myself, is that we write off a lot of problems and just think, “there the Lyme disease goes again” and not actually do anything about it. You need to take out all the nails in your foot to feel better, don’t forget that! I know you are tired, I know you can get to a place where you are sick of fighting, sick of taking medications and sick of being sick. But you need to keep fighting and continue to work on healing yourself from all angles – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Personally, I have had to treat coinfections, hormone imbalance, mold toxicity, heavy metals and certain allergies before I noticed a difference in my quality of life. I was bed ridden for three years and working through all the “nails” I have been able to slowly regain my life back.

For those that are friends and family that are suffering from Lyme disease, encourage them to stay strong and to keep fighting. Be their biggest cheerleader. A strong support system and make the biggest difference in a person’s chronic illness journey.

You can purchase Dr. Horowitz books below:

To watch Dr. Horowitz explain the 16 Point Differential Diagnostic Map, CLICK HERE

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